If you buy a music CD from Sony, beware: I got astounded after reading this post at Slashdot, in which they say that if you insert a Sony music CD in your Windows OS Computer, a RootKit is automatically installed.

A RootKit is a program which hides itself from your Computer OS and of course, from you. In some ways it’s very similar to a trojan and, once installed, it becomes really hard to get rid of. In fact, Sony’s version does not seems to be uninstallable (you can ask for its removal at Sony web, though).

Mark Russinovich revealed it in his web. He’s a software IT expert programmer and technician and tells how annoying and difficult was to remove the program from his computer while leaving it stable.

All this mess is related to DRM. Basically, you can’t play your CD in your computer without having installed the bundled software first. Even worse, it blocks your CD unit and also some recording programs, limiting the number of copies to 3. Other CD recording programs, such as Nero, have been reported to stop working, and sometimes the logical CD volume has disappeared from the computer.

I’m a bit concerned, because other manufacturers could start releasing their own DRM limiting software, and it could be incompatible with the current one, or even worse, leave your system unstable. Other terrifying possibility is Microsoft to release its own DRM with a, let’s say, Service Pack 3


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