The Grimm Brothers

At first, the movie didn’t catch my attention (didn’t watch the trailer, either). But, surprisingly to me, it resulted a great film:

Two siblings, the Grimm brothers travel along Europe during the XVII century, solving misteries and freeing villages inhabitants from enchantments. Actually they happen to be merely ruffians who trick everyone to earn some money by fooling people with their own superstitions.

On the other hand, the Napoleon’s army is having some resistence with a terrified village near a forest in Germany. The captaing, knowing they’re mere swindlers, force them to cooperate to solve the mistery of the missing girls.
Little spoiler… ▼

The film have good special effects, and some takes resembles some of the most known Grimm’s tales which make the movie entertaining. The ambience is perfect, and both the Grimm brothers characters (especially the one played by Matt Damon) and some others (like Monica Bellucci, also seen in Matrix Reloaded as Persefone) are really interesting and in some moments absolutely delightful.

Do not read this if you are going to watch this movie ▼

I sincerely recommend to watch this film.