After a long waiting, Enya official web site has updated to get ready for her new album release, in which it’s supposed the polemic song Sumiregusa will be included.

This song was used for a commercial advertisement of a TV in Japan (I think). However, it was said this song was also an advance of her new album release almost finished. This was inmediately denied in the Enya’s site, even by Enya herself.

The web design has changed, and now shows new and interesting details for the unconditional fans. All in flash.
The map after the intros was the thing that really got my attention. It looks like a castle map, with some interesting rooms:

  • The Music Room, where you can enter and listen some of her most known songs.
  • At The Watch Tower you can watch this 4 video clips: May it be (included on The Lord of The Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack), Orinocco Flow, Caribbean Blue and Only Time
  • At the Studio you will take a nice virtual visit. Have you seen the technology they use? Astonishing!!! 😮
  • And the most intriguing: A Secret Room, to which you can enter only after typing in the password. You have to guess the key from a riddle you will find in a book of the library 😉

The album is planned to be released on November 21st, and will be entitled Amarantine.

Update! Album cover.

Portada de Amarantine de Enya