Sincerely, during this month, movies here in Tenerife, do not look attractive to me. With Torrente III on most theathers (I don’t like that kind of movies, sorry for Torrente’s fans), Bewitched (I haven’t seen it, but have been told is not so good) and some others, it’s not tempting to go to the cinema.

I entered Stealth, because it seemed the less bad and I always loved everything related to Artificial Intelligence.

I have to say it surprised me a little, despite of being the typical action movie and a little predictable:

In a near future, stealth fighter jets are really high-technological (and expensive) weapons. An elite division formed by three pilots (2 guys and a girl), suddenly have to fly with a new member: A fighter jet with Artificial Intelligence that it’s capable of pilot itself. During a mission, a lightning hit the jet and its behaviour becomes unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

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The movie script is certainly simple, but, on the other hand, it’s action-packed to avoid the public getting bored. The takes from the jet cabin, the electronic gadgets and all the stuff sorrounding them makes the movie entertaining.
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Anyway, nice movie, but just that.