Here and Back Again

It’s been a year of changes.

I’ve changed my job, my location (moved far away) and, to sumarize it, my life.
It’s been a year of changes like a roller coaster.
But in the end, I liked it.

And I’m back.


Disclaimer: I’m not a native English speaker. Translation improvements are welcome! 😉

In these times of despair, where many people have the sensation of being powerless facing the power big corporations have over our society, it’s important to understand that we have several resources to confront them and this unfair situation, and that we don’t have to fall into a state of learned helplessness some circles of power might want to induce on us. Anyway, I hope I’ve engaged your attention using this self-help book like title. 😉

For some time now, we have been hearing governments no longer rules our society, but big corporations do in their place (in fact, it’s their lobbies which effectively manipulate gov. decisions). We know for sure it’s happening both in USA and EU. In the US because corporations directly funds political party campaigns (which ends up controlling the party and, hence, the elected government), and because politicians and the high echelons have interests in them or direct relation with their CEOs. In the UE… well, in the UE is exacty the same (and of course in Spain).

The Power of Collectivity

However, there is something that we could do regarding to this. It’s important to understand that what’s currently happening show us we’re no longer living in Democracy in the sense of the classic definition (if we ever happen to be). Voting every 4 years is futile and sometimes even deceiving which broken electoral promises and curtailing of rights unbelievable 10 years ago. Read More »


Man of Steel

I’ve waited a few days to calm down before writing this amateur review. Disclaimer, yes, it contains spoilers, so stop reading if you’re considering watching the movie on theaters.

Ok, let’s go to the point: Man of Steel has been a disappointment. It’s not the film you figured out in the trailer which, in fact, is much better, than the movie:

It’s not about whether this is a good movie or not (yes, it’s a good one). The downside is that, as a child who grew up reading comics of his favorite superhero, this movie is not only disappointing: it hurts. Read More »


StartUp Weekend Tenerife 2012

Last weekend I attended my first Startup event. Seems unbelievable, but it’s almost a week ago since StartUp Weekend Tenerife. If you don’t know, StartUp Weekend events are a sort of challenge in which you part from the idea to the Startup project in just 2 days. This event, sorry for being so enthusiastic or sounding very stereotypical, has deeply changed me and for good. 😉

On Friday I was a bit nervous and excited. I really neither did know what I was going to find there (I have no experience in such events), nor had any idea to propose. I just went to see and, maybe, help with my developer abilities and support the team I were to collaborate with, but I didn’t know where I had got into.

Despite that, the first thing I saw were many ex faculty mates and people I already knew. I met guys from Agile Canarias (a local Agile group). I also saw the organization members Juanjo (Altavista Ventures), Elena and Ángel (Coworking Nomad), Carlos y Samuel (FEULL) working really hard to make the event to reach such an excellent level (everything was awesome!). And also, during the reception, I bumped into a fantastic catering which advanced the amazing weekend coming…

Finally I enrolled a team developing a project called SpeakApps and we ended up on the 2nd place!

2nd place! hurray!

2nd place! hurray!

Read More »


PostgreSQL ODBC connection from Mac OS X

Wow! Almost a whole (sabbatic?) year has passed since my last post! I really was neither in the mood, nor motivated for writing. But after having sorted out a little some other aspects of my life, I’m back, stronger than ever! 🙂

Among the things I’ve recently had to deal with, is the ODBC connections and Mac (yes, I own a Mac for some time now 😉 ). And I’ve finally found an easy way to create ODBC connections using unixODBC as I do in Linux. I’m surprised, because it works incredibly well:

First thing to do is installing unixODBC for Mac OS X. Personally, I think the simplest way to do it is using Homebrew, that fantastic open source package tool which makes Ruby to call my attention (disclaimer: I’m a zealot pythonista! ;)). It’s an example of a good work very well done (however, using Homebrew is not mandatory, there are other projects long ago: Fink and MacPorts).

Install unixODBC with Homebrew:
brew install unixodbc

Once installed, it’s time to compile the PostgreSQL ODBC driver (not available in Homebrew yet, unfortunately, so we’ll do it by hand):

  1. Download the ODBC driver source code. Pick a recent one and uncompress it in a directory of your choice, then open a terminal and ‘cd’ into it.
  2. Compile it following the typical command sequence:

If everything went ok, you should have the PostgreSQL drivers installed as 2 library files located at /usr/local/lib/psqlodbcw.la and /usr/local/lib/psqlodbcw.so

And that’s all. Now we have to define an ODBC driver entry for PortgreSQL in the file /usr/local/etc/odbcinst.ini in a similar fashion to this one:

Add this entry to the odbcinst.ini file and we are done. Now we can define our DSNs and start using ODBC!

To do so, create if not exists the file .odbc.ini in your $HOME directory and add the desired DSN, like this one:

This define a User DSN named ib3db (with its user and password). Now to test it, just type:
isql -v ib3db
And it should work.

Remote connection

The previous DSN example was created for a local postgreSQL database. If we wanted to connect to a remote one, there are many configurations, but for me the easiest and safe one is to create an SSH tunnel:
ssh -C -N -L 60000:localhost:5432 user@remotehost.com
This will map our local port 60000 to the remote port 5432 at the remotehost.com machine (we’ll obviously need to update the Port = 5432 line in the previous example with Port = 60000). The command will keep running. To shutdown the tunnel, just kill the ssh command pressing CTRL-C.

You can also use extra flags, like -C (above) to compress the data transmitted to the tunnel (recommended for slow -e.g. modem- lines, but not for faster ones), and also use -N (do not execute anything remotely) so a remote ssh window is not opened, for example.



Wow! I’ve been away of my blog for almost 4 month. I said “It’s time to open those good wines before they get bad”, and I haven’t almost stopped since then! 😉

This little post is not for talking about what I’m currently doing (I doubt there is someone interested in knowing it, but if there is any, please wait for a later post in which I will comment), but to give thanks.

Thanks to a friend who forwarded me this video, and thanks also to the people (a group in which I include myself!) I know they exist and which trust a new system, a better world is still possible. This is one of these people (audio is in Spanish, and no subtitles, sorry 🙁 ):

Thank you anew. I received this little dose of coherence and common sense in January, but it was so inspiring I still haven’t stopped ❗ I’m not alone; you are not alone; we are not alone.


It’s been quite a long time since my last post. This year, 2011, has been quite odd (you can’t say it’s been a bad one, nor complain of it; it’s not politically correct).

I’m gradual and inexorably reaching one of those crossroad dilemmas and I seriously have to reconsider my life and where I am heading to. Yes, I also collect bad wines.

I needn’t pass through a terrible experience to know it. I’m simply not very (to say the less) satisfied with my life (and yes, I know many people are feeling the same, but this does not mitigates this feeling). I really feel like lost. My mind says something is broken here.

At my age, I feel that people surrounding me (including those supposedly closer to me) don’t respect me; I feel continuously questioned (and almost sabotaged) in every, including the pettier, aspect or decision I try to take on my own life. And it ends up being frustrating, exhausting and, at my age, hard (it’s almost like going back to my childhood). I wonder myself what is my mistake, because it’s clear that part (if not all) the problem lies on my side.

But that hasn’t been the hardest part: the toughest one is seeing how those few people who do accept, endorse, encourages and enlighten me, or just I felt some affinity are not among us (passed away) or have moved really far away.

This has been a somewhat sad end of year, with that feeling of any past time was better.
Anyway, I don’t give up. It’s time to open that bottle of wine, now that it’s still good: