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Calling Perl functions from Python

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I'm currently working on a project and need to call old Perl functions from Python (until the perl code is refactorized and translated to python).

A friend of mine told me about PyPerl, but we found it's currently unmaintained. :(

Suppose you have a perl module, named, which has a function like:

sub myfunc
    my ($a, $b) = @_;

    return result;

We wanted to be able to call myfunc function from python, without having to rewrite it.
So I managed to create a python module to wrap perl functions in python, using python decorators. With it, you can call perl functions this way:

from perlfunc import perlfunc, perlreq, perl5lib

def myfunc(a, b):

This would call the perl function myfunc (defined in library using a and b as parameters. Lists (and arrays as list of lists) and dictionaries can be passed as parameters (they are conveniently converted to perl).

It seems to work very well. :)
It's licensed GPL, and you can download it from its GitHub repo: