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Tutorials and examples are the fastest way (in my opinion) to learn a new language. Well, ZX BASIC is not so new if you are used to Sinclair BASIC. The following is a list of examples, some of them already bundled with the ZX BASIC distribution in the examples/ directory:

Draws a circle pixel by pixel using PLOT primitive
Sample clock which uses the FRAMES variable (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual)
Like above, but a bit improved.
Colors example from the ZX Spectrum user manual
Random color lines example from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual.
Factorial recursive test.
A sound demo (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual)
UK Flag drawing (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K / 128K user manual)
Mandelbrot fractal by Britlion


The snake game by Federico J. Álvarez Valero (2003-02-05) (English version)
A 4 in a Row program with A.I. that plays against you and fit in just 16Kb. Published on the 80's in the Spanish MicroHobby magazine, issue 18
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