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* [[ZX_Basic:Download|Download]] the latest version in the [[ZX_Basic:Download|download]] page. Go there to get the lastest version, or directly to the [http://www.boriel.com/files/zxb archive]
Get the latest version of ZX BASIC from the [http://www.boriel.com/files/zxb archive].

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About the ZX BASIC SDK
A reduced list of changes/bugfixes
How to install the ZX Basic SDK in your system, and prerequisites for do it.
Tools available in the SDK.
Command line options table for the compiler (zxb)


Get the latest version of ZX BASIC from the archive.


Sample programs you can try to see how ZX BASIC looks like and how fast it runs.


Same little games examples.

Language Reference

Language Syntax is very close to the original Sinclair BASIC, but it's expanded and enhanced.
Language data types: Instead of working always with Floating Point numbers (also available), there are also some integer types which are faster an take less memory.
Comprehensive list (alphabetically ordered) of identifiers you can't use as a variable name. E.g. FOR, PRINT

External Libraries

Library of functions and subroutines you can use in your programs. You might find them really useful.

Inline Assembler

Embedding inline assembler in your code is pretty easy.

Compiler Internals

Only for true hackers. This explain how the compiler does it job, how to expand it, etc. You must be a bit crazy if you enter here...

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