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==Language Reference==
The [[ZX_BASIC:Language|Reference]] contains all the information about the ZX BASIC (not Sinclair BASIC) language: The syntax, reserved words, control-flow instructions, function declarations, etc.
Whenever you read the term ''ZX BASIC'' it refers to the BASIC language variant this compiler understands. ZX Spectrum original (legacy) BASIC is referred here as ''Sinclair BASIC''.
Go to the [[ZX_BASIC:Language|Language Reference]] page for more information.

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About the ZX BASIC SDK
How to install the ZX Basic SDK in your system, and prerequisites for do it.
Tools available in the SDK.


Language Reference

Language Syntax is very close to the original Sinclair BASIC, but it's expanded and enhaced.
Language data types: Instead of working always with Floating Point numbers (also available), there are also some integer types which are faster an take less memory.


Tutorials and examples are the fastest way (in my opinion) to learn a new language. Well, ZX BASIC is not so new if you are used to Sinclair BASIC. The following is a list of examples, some of them already bundled with the ZX BASIC distribution in the examples/ directory:

Draws a circle pixel by pixel using PLOT primitive
Sample clock which uses the FRAMES variable (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual)
Like above, but a bit improved.
Colors example from the ZX Spectrum user Manual
Random color lines example from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual.
Factorial recursive test.
A sound demo (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K user manual)
UK Flag drawing (taken from the ZX Spectrum 48K / 128K user manual)


The snake game by Federico J. Alvarez Valero (05-02-2003) (English version)
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