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Troubleshooting F.A.Q.

Here you will find most Frequent Answered Questions about Captcha!, especially those relating to problems on instalation.

Captcha is not appearing on my site

When I try to post a comment in my own blog to test it, the Captcha! code is not shown. What's wrong?

There are serveral reasons for this. Check the following:

  1. Make sure you have enabled the plugin (of course!)
  2. Look into the Captcha! options (in your wordpress admin panel, in the Options Menu), and check no error messages appear on it. Captcha checks for valid directories and TTF fonts availability. If they are not available (e.g. if there is no Read Access for the TTF files, it won't do anything).
  3. Captcha! won't appear for registered users! You must be logged out to post a comment to see if Captcha! is shown to unregistered users.
  4. Make sure you have the Form Hook in your WordPress template. Try using the default WordPress theme. If Captcha! is not shown then your WP theme is missing the hook code. Simply add this code
    <?php do_action(’comment_form’, $post->ID);>
    just before the
    tag in your comments.php file.
  5. Recheck file and folder permissions.

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Captcha is not shown, but a message instead

I installed and configured Captcha! but when going to test it in the comment area, I don't see the code image but a message instead that reads «This is a captcha-picture. It is used to prevent mass-access by robots...». Why is not the img. code being displayed?

You probably installed captcha in the wrong directory. Captcha must be installed in
If you installed it on
then go to your plugins panel and reenable it again.

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Some Code digits are missing

Captcha! image is shown, but some digits are missing (e.g. I ask for 6 digits, but only 3 are displayed). Why?

Under certain circumstances some bogus TTF files do not display well (some digits -or all- are mising). Check that your TTF file is suitable for Captcha!: go to the Captcha! Options menu in your admin panel and select only the TTF file you want to test (remove the others from the list). Then save options and test Captcha! in the comments post form. Ask for a New ID (press New ID button) several times to see if some digit is missing. If this happens, do not use that TTF file. You should test this on every TTF file to avoid missing digits. Most TTF files I've tested don't have this problem.

Once the TTF file has been tested you can add the previous TTF files you already had before this test.

Technical explanation.- This is a problem related to GDlib + PHP with some TTF files. I haven't found a way to workaround it.

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