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Compiler Tools

I studied Language Processors and Compilers during my Computer Science degree. I really enjoy this subject so, as a hobby, I've created several compilers mainly in C language, using LEX and YACC (mainly their GNU implementations, FLEX & BISON).

Recently I started my own compiler tool just for fun, using the Python language:

  • Blex, the Boriel Lexer. It's a really simple lexical analizer tool, written in python.
  • Bparser, the Boriel Parser. An LR(k) parser tool that uses backtracking to parse any LR grammar.

Both Blex and Bparser are classes. Bparser is a derivation of Blex. There is also an ongoing tutorial, for the impatient.


Lastest Blex/Bparse version can be downloaded here.

ZX Basic

ZX Basic is my own BASIC compiler for the ZX Spectrum vintage machine. You can create programs in a Free Basic like BASIC dialect (much powerful than original ZX Spectrum BASIC) that will be compiled to Z80 Machine code to be later executed in an emulator or in a real ZX Spectrum Machine.

Go to the ZX Basic page for more information.