Post Sun May 03, 2009 10:27 am

Version 1.1.7 released!

What's new since 1.1.4:
  • + Added the ELSEIF construct to the IF THEN ELSE sentence
  • + Added more optimizations in some jumps
  • + Added the USR function (both for Strings and Floats). Yes, you can now use USR "a" to get the address of the UDG table (instead of PEEK Uinteger 23675), and also can do RANDOMIZE USR 40000 (if you want to call a legacy machine-code routine; other than that it's useless).
  • * Optimized some print string generated code (now it's smaller)
  • ! Fixed many optimization bugs (almost five). Thanks to LCD
  • ! Fixed ChangeLog file
  • - Internal refactored code (somewhat)
  • ! BOLD and ITALIC could not be used as permament attributes,
    only as temporary ones. Now they are allowed as permament.
  • * Some more syntax compatibility with Sinclair BASIC. Expressions
    like F$(5), F$() or F$(TO) are now allowed. So expressions like PRINT ;;; are.
  • ! single PRINT sentences were not working (they should print a
  • * Minor grammar corrections.
  • ! Using a suffix like '$' in a function declaration was being
    ignored. Now this also works ok.
  • + Added suport for PRINT , (Thanks to britlion and LCD for the
    suggestions and bug detection)
  • * Fixed a potential optimization bug for SHR and SHL

  • Bitwise instructions for AND, OR, XOR, NOT
  • CLEAR to fill memory areas