Post Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:10 am

Version 1.1.1 released!

This version fixed some issues and introduces interesting improvements:

Changes from Version 1.1.0 to 1.1.1

  • !Fixed a bug in CONTINUE DO which was not being correctly compiled
  • +PRINT routines were included even when neither PRINT nor
    drawing primitives were used. Optimized.
  • ! Fixed a lot of syntax error checkings with array operations.
  • ! Fixed array dimension checking
  • + Expanded syntax: Direct array assignation a = b (being a and b
    arrays of thes same type an size)
  • ! Fixes an error exception on syntax error for array subscripting.
  • * Changed alloc functions to match the FreeBasic names.
  • * Using a wrong sigil in array declaration is now forbidden.
  • * Better sigils (suffixes) types managements at DIM declarations.
  • * Lot of internal source code refactoring
  • + DIM r AT @a(k0, k1, ...) is allowed (k0, k1, ... constants)
  • ! Fixed a bug for local variables and parameters when the offset is
    very large (> 128)
  • + Enabled the --sinclair flag for automatic sinclair libraries inclusion
  • + Added SetAttr routine whichs changes the attribute of
    screen coordinate (I, J) with the given color attr
  • ! Fixed a buggy modu16 modi16 implementation that was not compiling
  • * Output asm code is now slightly optimized (for speed an memory)
  • ! Fixed a bug in intenger parameters (16 and 32 bits)
  • ! Fixed a compiler crash when using arrays of Fixed Point numbers