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Hamiltonian Path

Yesterday at midnight was the deadline of El País math challenge which consisted in finding the Hamiltonian path of a given graph (or to give a demonstration it hadn’t any as it was the case). A friend of mine told me a simple and elegant demonstration based on graph coloration, which is the one explained …

Python with elegance

These last three weeks have been really stressful for me due to various reasons. Anyway, I managed to get some spare time to do something funny, like the self-replicating script posted in the previous entry. Sometimes, when we’re working on a problem, we need to denote a variable with an uknown value. C and SQL …

XML-RPC over the proxy server

I had been looking for a way to call a function using XML-RPC in Python with the xmlrpclib class. The problem was I wanted to call it from within an organization behind an HTTP proxy, and the python object (ServerProxy) didn’t allow it by default. Nevertheless, if we look closer to the class constructor: