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Warning! CAPTCHA! is DISABLED on this site.
Even though this plugin is still maitained, I’m using another one. Read why.

You can also go to the phorum for help.

I wanted my WordPress to have one of those nice Captchas challenges to avoid spam.

There are already some of them, but I found them not suitable for my webhosting service (Secureimage), or a bit weak (Trencaspammer). So I started my own based on the HN Captcha PHP class. To see a demo of this plugin just try to enter a comment on the main page (Okay, still in Spanish. Bilingual web soon to come).

Needs the GD library class, a Javascript compatible browser and TrueType fonts in a server folder to work. You can download some of TTF (TrueType) fonts for free from Dafont. The more artistic the font, the better the challenge will be.
The plugin allows to request another challenge if the current one is illegible.

Hope you enjoy it.

[Download] Current version of Captcha! plugin


  • Version 2.6
    Bugfix: Fixed a security bug against CSRF and XSS
    Bugfix: Prevents the code length to be lower than one char.
  • Version 2.5d
    +Feature: Enhaced GDLib version detection (does not require phpinfo() function).
  • Version 2.5c
    Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevented some effect options (sinewave, B&W) to be updated correctly. Thanks Hugo!.
  • Version 2.5b
    Bugfix: Fixing bad javascript rendering bug. Thanks, Gidion!.
  • Version 2.5a
    Bugfix: Stupid bug. Captcha 2.5 was allowing comments. Grrrr.
  • Version 2.5
    Bugfix: Captcha 2.x seemed to be filtering pingbacks. Fixed.
  • Version 2.4
    Feature: Checks for the availability of ImageFilter function (PHP >= 5.0)
    Feature: Checks for the availability of Iconv.
  • Version 2.3
    Feature: Added Anchor so every try the page jumps directly to captcha input.
    Feature: Cleaner code.
    Feature: Sine wave color-flag (optional), only color and Black & White optional mode.
    Feature: Can choose number of max tries.
  • Version 2.2
    Bugfix: Captcha didn’t delete spam comments in WP 1.5. Fixed.
  • Version 2.1
    Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the refresh button.
    Feature: Added senoidal image distortion.
    Feature: Deletes guessed keys.
  • Version 2.0
    Feature: Danish translation of captcha! (Thanks, Ulrik Nielsen)
    Feature: Portuguese (Brazil) translation of captcha! (Thanks, Francis Augusto Medeiros)
    Feature: One single file! Captcha is now one single compact file. Source code is much cleaner and neat (for future versions, however, CSS and languaje files will be apart).
    Feature: Images generated on the fly. TMP/ cache images no longer needed (and no more “Garbage error”
    Feature: Now Captcha! remembers previous state, so a user is given several tries (3 by default) to guess it before changing to a new code. The code look is different each time, even if the same code is required (improved security).
    Feature: Improved security. Real public key not shown, so it makes really difficult to guess the sequence via a bot.
    Feature: Random pattern background and code colors added => Greater security.
    Feature: Annoying javascript popup (when bad code entered) has been removed: Now the user will be asked to reenter the code in the captcha form.
    Bugfix: Some servers have permalinks broken, so entering a bad captcha returned to the main page, losing comment content. This should be fixed now.

See Changelog for previous versions ▼

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