Wow! I’ve been away of my blog for almost 4 month. I said “It’s time to open those good wines before they get bad”, and I haven’t almost stopped since then! 😉

This little post is not for talking about what I’m currently doing (I doubt there is someone interested in knowing it, but if there is any, please wait for a later post in which I will comment), but to give thanks.

Thanks to a friend who forwarded me this video, and thanks also to the people (a group in which I include myself!) I know they exist and which trust a new system, a better world is still possible. This is one of these people (audio is in Spanish, and no subtitles, sorry :( ):

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you anew. I received this little dose of coherence and common sense in January, but it was so inspiring I still haven’t stopped ❗ I’m not alone; you are not alone; we are not alone.


It’s been quite a long time since my last post. This year, 2011, has been quite odd (you can’t say it’s been a bad one, nor complain of it; it’s not politically correct).

I’m gradual and inexorably reaching one of those crossroad dilemmas and I seriously have to reconsider my life and where I am heading to. Yes, I also collect bad wines.

I needn’t pass through a terrible experience to know it. I’m simply not very (to say the less) satisfied with my life (and yes, I know many people are feeling the same, but this does not mitigates this feeling). I really feel like lost. My mind says something is broken here.

At my age, I feel that people surrounding me (including those supposedly closer to me) don’t respect me; I feel continuously questioned (and almost sabotaged) in every, including the pettier, aspect or decision I try to take on my own life. And it ends up being frustrating, exhausting and, at my age, hard (it’s almost like going back to my childhood). I wonder myself what is my mistake, because it’s clear that part (if not all) the problem lies on my side.

But that hasn’t been the hardest part: the toughest one is seeing how those few people who do accept, endorse, encourages and enlighten me, or just I felt some affinity are not among us (passed away) or have moved really far away.

This has been a somewhat sad end of year, with that feeling of any past time was better.
Anyway, I don’t give up. It’s time to open that bottle of wine, now that it’s still good:


Breakpoint Wont be Hit in Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been working on a 3D VideoGame prototype these last months, using Visual C++ (Visual Studio 2010). With such work, some vacancies and some job affairs I havn’t had enough time for publishing something interesting in the blog… 😉

Visual Studio 2010 worked fine at the beginning, but one day, suddenly, breakpoints stopped working. A yellow exclamation mark symbol was shown over them and placing the mouse cursor over such symbols showed the message “Breakpoint won’t be hit”.

Searching on the internet for this problem I found out it was a common one in almost every version of Visual Studio, specially in 2008 and 2010. Most common causes for this error are:

  • The project was compiled in Release mode, not in Debug one
  • Debug symbols are not found (or wrong path)
  • Incremental Debug linking option is not enabled
  • Not having installed the latest service packs and patches (some of them address this problem)
  • Corrupted installation: Reinstalling the application, restoring default configuration or even deleting Registry Keys and Local App configuration stored in the Windows User profile folders might fix this case

The fact was none of the above worked for me, but found out that if I started Visual Studio with a different user account everything worked like a charm. ❓ After opening two projects (each generated with a different user) and compared differences on the .vproj XML files I found these extra lines added to the “faulty” one:

Removing these lines from the .vproj file and recompiling made the breakpoints to work again! The case was these lines referenced User configurations that didn’t appear in my VS configuration panels or couldn’t change (some of them were grayed). These XML lines contain a conditional inclusion and the path is $(UserRootDir)\MicrosoftCpp.$(Platform). It happened that path was C:\Users\Boriel\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0, which was not the Visual Studio configuration Folder. Deleting it fixed the issue (it’s regenerated the next time Visual Studio IDE is started).

To avoid even more troubles I not only removed that folder, but also the local configuration stored in my profile (C:\Users\Boriel\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0) and related registry keys (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VSCommon\10.0). Afterwards I restarted the IDE and a splashscreen warning told me the application was being prepared to be used for the first time. And the problem was gone. 😉


Magic Square

This week El Pais’ math challenge was easier to solve than previous ones (maybe that’s why I resolved it without using the computer this time :D).

The problem is the following: get a product magic square, that is, a 3×3 square whose product for numbers in every row, column or diagonal gives the same (unknown) amount . All numbers are unrepeated positive integers. It’s known that the number in the center cell is 15.

My approach was to assign each cell a variable name:


$$a$$ $$b$$ $$c$$
$$d$$ $$15$$ $$f$$
$$g$$ $$h$$ $$i$$

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This week’s math challenge of El País (Spanish video) is again about a graph. In this case, the graph is a cube (8 vertex, 12 edges) numbered as shown in the video.

An ant starts walking from vertex #1 and changes it direction at random on each vertex (might even turn back from the same edge it came from). Vertex #7 and #8 are poisoned. If the ant happens to walk into one of them it will die. The challenge consist in find out the probabilities of the ant dying or not and in which vertex (#7 or #8) when it does.
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